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    I'm about to evaluate some IDEs for J2EE development. My development team is currently using ultra-edit. Time to move on... What's the best best IDE for J2EE development out there and why?

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    I really like Eclipse. It is open-source, and there are lots of plugins available, for things like Tomcat, Struts, JDO etc. It is also much faster performance-wise than Netbeans.
    Take a look at http://eclipse-plugins.2y.net/eclipse/index.jsp for a listing of plugins available for Eclipse - a majority of them free.
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    I'd suggest Eclipse or IntelliJ.

    Eclipse, if you are cheap or just hate the thought of spending money on productive software.

    IntelliJ, if you don't mind spending a little money to get probably the best overall Java IDE available.

    That said, I tend to recommend looking into Eclipse first since it is free and does have a lot of support. Don't try IntelliJ if you are cheap since it will spoil you and you'll spend nights awake. :-)

    Middle ground? I've heard that for $30/year subscription you can get MyEclipse, which is Eclipse with support and a ton of supported plugins. I'd go this way if I went Eclipse since I'd like a full suite of compatible plugins from the get go.

    For J2EE you want, refactoring support, ant integration, JSP editor with code completion (very nice).

    I use IntelliJ becuase why would I spend $2500 on a kick ass laptop and then cheap out on an IDE? Just me though.
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    Try Pramati Studio.
    Its ease for devlopment.
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    Intellij Intellij Intellij Intellij!!

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    thanks for your help