Interview: Jonathan Schwartz, the new president and COO


News: Interview: Jonathan Schwartz, the new president and COO

  1. Jonathan Schwartz, the new COO and president of Sun, has been interviewed. He discusses the settlement (we're going to cease competing through press releases and focus more on technology.), new partnerships, finances, and the future in general.

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    Sun gives JES license to small businesses

    Sun announces a special promotional program to let companies with less than 100 employees sign up for a free, one-year runtime license for its Java Enterprise System software.
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      allow me to highlight my latest Viva! announce post titled "Selected Quotes From Sun's New President Jonathan Schwartz". If I may quote:

      A while back I started an initiative that collects the best quotes from Jonathan Schwartz. Now that Jonathan is Sun's new president that collection comes in handy.

       Here are some selected quotes... See at lists dot sourceforge dot net/msg00022.html

       - Gerald
  3. A UK bank is planning to roll out Sun's Java Desktop System,39020390,39152471,00.htm
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      just to let you know that I've collected Jonathan's very own words. Thus, if you want to complain about Jonathan's style I'm the wrong person to turn to.

      Maybe someone should ask Jonathan to clarify Sun's Linux position:

      If I may quote Jonathan:

    Q: What do you mean a 'Linux mistake?'

    Schwartz: Everyone in the marketplace seems to believe that if you build a bucket of parts then you can deliver it and if it has a user interface it is a desktop. We have spent hundreds of man-years building an integrated desktop which, if you saw the demo, it's beautiful, it's gorgeous, and that took a huge amount of work. The other guys are just kind of assembling open-source crap and saying, "Hey, we're done."

    Schwartz: And that really brings customers in some sense back three steps, because Linux doesn't really offer an architecture. It offers an operating system. And this conversation here at JavaOne is all about architecture and end-to-endedness. It's not about yet another kernel and yet another set of C libraries.

    Despite the Linux support, Schwartz discounted Linux as an alternative to Solaris.

    Sun does not "believe that Linux plays a role on the server. Period," said Schwartz, also in Santa Clara. "If you want to buy it, we will sell it to you. But we believe that Solaris is a better alternative that is safer, more robust, higher quality and dramatically less expensive in purchase price."

      - Gerald
  5. Microsoft used to say that Linux was a non-player, hobby OS, a toy OS, etc.