I read the docs, I searched for answers but there are still some things I don't understand regarding a stand alone client application to a weblogic server 8.1 that could look up a bean using ejb-ref. I don't want to use the JNDI name, because on the server I can deploy the same EJB with 2 different JNDI name, and I want to compile 2 different clients to connect on those 2 different bean, I want to be able to set a mapping ejb-ref <-> jndi name at deployment time.

    There is the client-application.xml and the MyClientJar.runtime.xml but i'm not sure I understand where to put them. I have the client-application.xml in my client jar, the runtime.xml one in the same directory like specified in the documentation, I tried to put the xml and the jar in my classpath and running the client, no success the client cannot lookup using ejb-ref. I think this is for when the client is running inside a J2EE server, my client is stand-alone and runs outside.

    Something I'm not doing right or something I don't understand.

    There has to be a way since there is one when using an independant Servlet Server.

    Any help or comments appreciated

    Thank You