Hi All,
I seem to be seeing slow response times in JBoss.net. My environment is:
Apache Web Server 2.0.48
JBoss 3.2.23
Windows 2000 SP4
JDK 1.4.2_04
P4 3.0GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1GB DDR
128Min/Max JVM Heap
100Mb/sec Ethernet
Isolated network

My Architecture (High Level View) is:
Java Web Sevices Client -> Apache -> JBoss -> SQL Server

My Measurement points are:
1. Java Web Services Client (Just before message converted/recieved from SOAP interface)
2. Apache Log using %T (only 1 second resolution)
3. JBoss web service class (Calls EJB in JBoss EJB container)
4. EJB code (message decoder)

I am using System.currentTimeMillis(). I understand it only has 10msec resolution in Windows 2000/XP environment.

Specifically, when the message is being sent back to the Web Services Client. I am seeing a 50msec (4KB HTML/XML size)-300+(64KB HTML/XM)additional delay time between the servlet and the client. I heard Axis (JBoss uses the 1.1 implementation)is may introduce a >50msec delay with the parser. I saw a posting mentioning a synchronous method in Axis 1.1 that slows processing down. I am just trying to understand the issue and hopefully come up with fix. Other measurements from EJB indicate <1msec delay though code and database which I would expect since I am running on P4 3GHz processor and tables cached by SQL Server.

I am quite happy otherwise. I have <300msec login time from East to West coast over the Internet using high end PC for server and slightly less than 1sec response time for 64K HTML page. I used P3 500MHz, Windows 2000 SP2, JRE 1.4.2_03 client on East Coast and P4 system described above for Server.

Thanks for any help,