I have an idl generated java object wich I want to populate on the client side and send over the web service to the server side for processing. For example, say one of the arguments of method retrieveX(ObjectHandle o, blah blah) is ObjectHandle. The structure of ObjectHandle is as follows
Object handle contains ObjectKey & ObjectId objects within.
Both ObjectKey & ObjectId in turn contains 2 String variables as shown below.
Object handle -> ObjectKey ->(string, string)
              -> ObjectId -> (string, string)

The object DOES NOT have getters and setters, so its not a java bean.

I have noticed that dummy data classes are generated on the client side when generating the proxies but how do I set the values on the client side so they can be constructed back correctly on the server side as described above.

Do I need to develop custom serializers and de-serializers for this purpose, if so is there any good example that I can follow ? I will really appreciate a quick response. Thanks