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    Hi ,

    We are developing a new application for a insurance company in USA. The requirements were to use only open source technolgies. We have used xdoclet,EJB2.0 CMP, Turbine web frame work with velocity templates, XSL-FO, Mysql and Jboss as application server.

    The performance of the jboss server under stress testing was pretty good.
    But I need some clarification, regarding what are the other changes to be made to Jboss to be put in a production environement.
    Can some one please give me directions on this.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I have recently tackled this matter. The SkywayBuilder.com website is running on JBoss. Make sure you secure the JMX console and Web console. By default these JBoss applications don't have authentication enabled. You can find some instructions on JBoss website about securing these applications. In our case, we also integrated our custom-built application with JBoss Nukes. If you are using Nukes, you want to make sure you delete the installer (nukes-installer.ear).