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    I understand HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST are the protocol that allows web pages to communicate.

    However, I have heard that there are XML-based protocols that I don't quite familar. I think SOAP (= XML RPC) is used for XML Web Services?

    But how about XML-GET, XML-POST? Are they alternatives to traditional HTTP protocols?

    If anyone knows them well, or know some good pointers, please advise. Thanks!!
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    Please read at least the intro. parts of the SOAP specifications at It is no way near to what you think, if I derive info. from your email properly. There is only HTTP GET and POST, but XML gets embedded inside !
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    so u mean XML-GET and XML-POST doesn't exist? I saw it in the job post, thats why I am curious about that...
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    GET and POST are two methods on HTTP protocol. XML is *NOT* a protocol. It DOES NOT and CANNOT have GET / POST. Hope it is clear. Curious to know which job posting is that, better be careful about those guys :-). Not funnier than what I saw yesterday on another job ad. 15 years experience in Windows CE!! I dobt even the Windows CE project team will have it :-)) It is not even half as old :-))