TheServerSide Java Symposium is next week. Rumour has it that the event is going to be the scene of the first public announcements about EJB 3 & the ease-of-development plans for J2EE 1.5. There will be keynote panels on AOP & the future of J2EE. Users are organizing evening BOF sessions for Spring, Maven, and others using the new conference wiki. Many other notable events are happening at the conference, which is nearly twice the size of last year's event.

Check out TheServerSide Java Symposium homepage and interact on the official wiki.

If you can't make it to the event, we do plan to tape one of the 4 concurrent tracks and post it on TSS over the course of the next year. Else, you can also use the Symposium wiki, watch blogspace, and read articles that will be written on TSS and other media after the event.

See you next week!