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    I'm new to struts, and am trying to use the logic:iterator tag.

    My ActionForm had a property 'billList', containing a Collection of objects. Through the logic:iterate I want to display a list of some of the data from the bills.

    I have problems getting to the data however. I have tried a number of combinations of id, name and property arguments of the tag, but not getting the results I want.

    How would the tag be implemented?


  2. Let Say, you have a VO, UserVO which contains name, age. Here is the code to display the name and age.

          <logic:iterate id="user" name="userList" name="usersForm" property="usersList" type="UserVO">
            <TD CLASS="VALUE" ALIGN="left">&nbsp;
                <bean:write name="user" property="name"/>
            <TD CLASS="VALUE" ALIGN="left">&nbsp;
                <bean:write name="user" property="age"/>

    Here name in iterate is the name of your form, usersList is a property that returns a list of UserVO.

    UserVO is a bean, which has name and value attaributes and its getter& setters.

    Hope this helps,
  3. <logic:iterate id="user" name="userList" name="usersForm" property="usersList" type="UserVO">
    Sorry, there is a mistake, please ignore name="userList"

  4. HI I m getting error java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.ArrayList for above tag Let mee more Clear VO have two field name and empCode Actionform have getter and setter for someList and in Action class I m adding VO to someList..