First Geronimo Code Released, Cert Tests Set for May


News: First Geronimo Code Released, Cert Tests Set for May

  1. Open Enterprise Trends spoke in-depth with a Geronimo committer, and found that devs get more the code for the Geronimo Open Source servlet container -- they also get four popular Open Source components to use with it, including Open EJB.

    Attendees at this week's TheServerSide Java Symposium will also get the chance to see a detailed presentation on Geronimo's current downloads and timetables.

    In fact, the project has progressed so well that an ASF source told Open Enterprise Trends that, if all goes well, Geronimo could be J2EE 1.4-certified this summer.

    "We're actually going to begin [self-certification] testing with the J2EE 1.4 TCK in the next couple of weeks," Geir Magnusson Jr. ASF member and Geronimo committer told Open Enterprise Trends "Assuming all goes well, we hope to be [self-]certified by August." Currently, the Geronimo project team includes 20 committers and dozens of active contributors and community members.

    We asked Magnusson how many hoops Geronimo might have to jump through before becoming a certified Open Source J2EE 1.4 offerings. "If we run the tasks against the Sun-provided TCK, and it says, "Yes, you pass all the tests, then it's certified," Magnusson told us. "Once it passes the TCK, there will be no question that it complies with the J2EE spec. Further, the Geronimo team is working to make this a functional stack for production use - this is not an academic exercise."
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  2. This really isn't news. The Geronimo team has had this summer as the target for certification testing, and yes, the group will start working with the TCK real soon now.