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    Hello, good afternoon.

    My team is starting to develop a project and we are considering to use the ejb technology.

    But we are having trouble in the earliest of the stages: wich pattern?

    And I ask you :D wich pattern?
    We are already familiar with the MVC Pattern, but we think that, for this particular project, that´s is just not enough.

    Let me describe what do we intend to do:
    1. Web interface
    2. Servlets
    3. Extreme database access, there will be as much retrieving as recording data
    4. About 2-3 millions lines of data in the complete database (we are using sqlserver for now), lots os 'memo' and 'image' fields
    5. The primary objects and their relationships and methods are well defined

    Based on that, wich patters should we study for starting the engines?

    Thanks a lot.

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    You can try following patterns apart from the MVC you already know.

    Data Accecc Objects
    Value Objects/Transfer Objects
    Value/Transfer Object Assembler
    Business Objects
    Session Facade
    value List handler

    These are the basic patterns that can be used to build the Model part of your application. You can also have your Intercepting Filter, Front Controller patterns etc in your Controller part.

    Refer the site
    which gives a good insight to the commonly used Design Patterns
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    Thanks a lot!

    Nice link too :D