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    Recently I have been told that Rational Rose is no longer good for drawing class diagram. Is it true?
    Rambabu Nagoor

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    Try Poseidon UML. It's much less expensive and easier to use than Rational. Personally I try to avoid IBM/Rational offerings and instead give my business to the little guys.
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    rose is very good
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    Requirement Management tools will increase requirements definition phase by:
    providing more administrative functions for BA's

    overcomplicating the simple analyst activities (Adam & eve stages of scratching around drawing models)

    creates more documents

    decreases productivity with unnecessary system burdens

    employing a very user unfriendly interface for end users

    irritating to use, very idiosyncratic

    Other points:
    Respected industry professionals steer clear of these tools (such as Craig Larman)

    Software development is not predictive manufacturing but new product development, therefore re-use at best is negligible

    Low tech tools such as paper and pens are faster, easy to use and can be performed anywhere

    BA's typically talk, workshop and write up requirements, therefore MS Word is perfect for this

    Customers buy working software, not glossy specs or models

    Facilitates documentation development, not software development!

    Software development is about great people working close, not great tools working for "me".

    In the wash up it won't improve software end products for customers. People and OO training do!

    beaurocratic steps just to set up and maintain documents

    has many unnecessary "add ins" such as advanced traceability and version control.

    most source code it generates is unusable

    Doesn't control scope, just creates more hurdles to document and maintain scope

    Are over-priced drawing tools with sub standard workflow

    Is incredibly expensive per staff head

    Conflicts with many departments use of a document repository