Athena and Thor Jini Projects released


News: Athena and Thor Jini Projects released

  1. Athena and Thor Jini Projects released (3 messages)


    Athena is a service that allows your databases and other non-RDBMS datasources to participate in Jini distributed transactions.

    It is designed to be a universal service front-end with a pluggable host connection to any datasource

    Athena 0.9c features:

    * Connection Pooling and Leased Connections
    * Refactoring - Refactored to the org.jini.projects namespace
    * Dependencies - Removed dependency on JWSDP (specifically JAXB).
    * Jini 2.0 compatability - Uses exporters and configurations (as yet, no JAAS support - scheduled for 0.91)
    * Connects - comes supplied with both JDBC and Oracle-specific connects
    * ServiceUI - enhanced ServiceUI, including handler, type and dialect viewing, and DataGrid support (you can send your SQL through to athena, from the serviceUI and see it displayed in a grid)
    * Documentation - more getting started info.


    Thor is a service borne out of an administrative need: centralised configuration for distributed applications.
    Thor's main principal is that the idea of a repository to hold information for applications and users is a good one, but that the centralisation and localisation of such a repository around a single machine produces obstacles when using it in a network.

    Thor- in view of changes since 0.9c release:

    * Import and Export to XML of branches
    * Fixed bug regarding storage of branches on data changes
    * Preliminary support for storage of branches to a JavaSpace - will be fully compatible in 1.0 final

    See and

    As always feedback is welcome


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  2. The thor home page says "Soon..." for downloads. I thought it's available now, from the press release?

    Are the version numbers for Thor and Athena the same by coincedence, or is there a significant shared codebase?
  3. Download link fixed (quick CVS upload) - apologies.

    Regarding the Version numbers, we've been using these services under Jini 1.2.x for over two years, when we started looking at upgrading the services for Jini 2.0, it was decided that we would also put in a few RFE's (XML import/export being an example).So, given the amount of change I thought it would be better not to release as a 1.0 but as a 0.9 (i.e. a "nearly" release) and then incorporate feedback from the community into the projects early on before going into a 1.0 beta cycle.


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