Table to table (select-map-insert-view-modify)


General J2EE: Table to table (select-map-insert-view-modify)

  1. There are two Oracle tables T1 and T2 meant for two different applications A1 and A2.The database are hosted in different gegraphical regions.
    I have to pickup all the data from T1 and put it into T2 periodically. The field names are different in the two tables;even though functionally, the fields are same.For ex : in one table,field is known as "Name" while it is "Employee Name" in the other.This means,we have to select "Name" from T1, map it to "Employee name" in T2.
    What would be the best way to achieve this SELECT-MAP-INSERT functionality?

    In addition, a user interface is also required which would allow to add some additional information in T2.This information is not available in T1.What would you suggest for this Select, modify,delete,view ?

    Any open source tools available which would help me to achieve this?
  2. It seems to be an ETL (Extract, Transform and load) type of operation. Check this link out: