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    Our technical project leader wants to document too much things in my eyes.

    This seriously decreases our productivity.

    He wants so much on paper and with UML diagrams.

    Noone will ever read so much documentation. And it has to be maintained.

    I dare not to ask him something because he might say, "why do you ask me, read it in document xyz.doc!"

    Today I had a simple suggestion. I thought he should simply say: "Okay, do it.". Now I have to work a whole day to write my suggestion down, the alternatives, the pros and cons, a sequence diagram ... Aaarrggghhh!

    I am not at all against documentation. Every Java method should contain a Javadoc in my eyes. But we document and specify too much. And I think it would be more important to make things easier instead to document the complexity.

    Now I wonder what to do. I think he will not let me convince him. So it would be a matter of going to his boss and tell him that our project suffers because our technical project leader orders us to obey a bureaucratic software development process.

    Something I have to do. But what?
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    You are right. Documentation is good but if you do excessive documentation that might also leads to something not good. To me, too much documentation solves the problems that one would never have run into. 

    Here is a link that the author tried to describe the concern of too much documentation:

    I am also writing a paper on this subject, it will soon be available on IEEE.


    Thanks and regards,

    Atif Siddiqui