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    we are preparing to migrate our Oracle Forms application to be web enabled, and as we hear there are two ways, either i use oracle forms 9i and migrate all the forms i already have, or to use J2EE technlogies.

    can anyone help me which one is better ... and if u can tell me the pros. and cons. of each way....

    please help.
  2. Hi

    I have a lot of customers that ask me the same thing. You should consider the following facts:

    Oracle Forms Pros:

    - Oracle Forms is an easy to use development tool were you can create forms in minutes.
    - In Oracle Forms you do a lot of things without coding. And if you need to code something you use PL/SQL that is integrated with the database.
    - Oracle Forms is tightly integrated with the Oracle Database so you don't have to worry about Frameworks, Opening Connections, Connection Pooling, Data Access, Paging, etc.
    - You can see in the market software solutions based on Oracle Forms with 1000 to 3000 forms.

    Oracle Forms Cons:

    - Because Oracle Forms is for form development only there a lot of thing that you can't do with Oracle Forms.
    - Oracle Forms is an Oracle propietary solution which means that you have to use OracleAS to deploy your forms on the web. And pay the anual license fee that give you the right to upgrade your solutions. Also you have to migrate your forms everytime Oracle desupports a Forms version which is once a year.
    - Although Oracle says it can connect with other databases I've never seen Oracle Forms working with another database that is not Oracle.
    - I imagine that you have already experienced migrating Oracle Forms applications from one version to another which is a lot of work. In java you usually have no problems migrating applications from one version to another.

    In conclusion I usually don't recommend migrating to Java if you have a lot of forms > 100. A good thing to do is to put your development team to build a complicated form in Java and Oracle Forms and see the differences in the development time.

    I hope this helps.