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General J2EE: Looking for OpenSource Database (XA Transactions)

  1. Hi!

    I was using Hsql in a J2EE project that didn't need distributed transaction. So all was right !

    My version of hsql (1.7.1) doesn't support it.
    I was surprised to see that such transactions are possible in JBoss server but not in the standalone jar file downloaded from hsql web site.

    Today, I need to realize transaction between a database and a jms provider.

    Do you have any links ?


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  2. Try Postgresql[ Go to top ]

    Postgresql meight bail you out!
  3. Try Postgresql[ Go to top ]

    I consider Postgres to be the best choice on an open source database. This site is also running on Postgres. Unfortunatelly it does not support yet the XA, but is scheduled for the 7.5 version:
    Best regards, Mircea
  4. Other Options OS Databases.[ Go to top ]

    Maybe you should take a look at:

    http://www.firebirdsql.org, I do not know if they have XA transacciones...
    if not you can also take a look to SAPDB (now MaxDB, at MySQL Site).