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    I am going to use the tiles framework. I am not sure how
    i can insert custom javascript into each jsp page...even though they may use the same layout...
    i.e...though the use the same layout can i change
    the included javascript...does tiles insert tag be used
    to insert a javascript file? or what exactly is recommended?

    thanks in advance
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    Let say you are using layout. Nothing stops you putting in javascript
    inside header.jsp, footer.jsp, menu.jsp, helloBody.jsp.

    Snippet from the above tutorial

    <tiles:insert page="/basic/myLayout.jsp" flush="true">

      <tiles:put name="title" value="My first page" />

      <tiles:put name="header" value="/tutorial/common/header.jsp" />

      <tiles:put name="footer" value="/tutorial/common/footer.jsp" />

      <tiles:put name="menu" value="/tutorial/basic/menu.jsp" />

      <tiles:put name="body" value="/tutorial/basic/helloBody.jsp" />


    Bhagvan K