MVCSoft has released version 2.0 of its JDO Toolkit, Enterprise Edition. Features added since the 1.0 release include an SQL-based, Hibernate compatible query language; new cache integration modules including one for Tangosol Coherence; and a schema evolution tool.

The MVCSoft JDO Toolkit comes with source code and sells for $139 per developer with no runtime or distribution fees. Anyone who purchases the JDO Toolkit now will get free upgrades at least through the release of a version that supports the upcoming JDO 2.0 specification.

The MVCSoft JDO Toolkit includes:

- a GUI Workbench
- Ant and XDoclet support
- a read/write transactional cache
- plug-ins for third party caches such as Tangosol Coherence
- dynamic load policies with unlimited nesting and smart SQL generation
- the ability to add user-defined functions to the JDO query language
- an additional SQL-based, Hibernate-compatible query language
- multiple configurable strategies to manage large result sets
- user defined transformations of data
- normalized relationship mappings for inheritance hierarchies, maps, collections, and arrays.
- highly configurable schema evolution tool
- 230 pages of documentation
- all the source code
- much more

(This is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased version 1.0. Contact MVCSoft for download information.)

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