GigaSpaces database caching provides transparent unlimited database caching for any relational database with JDBC Driver.
• This option allows the applications to use Hibernate Object SQL API to access the database.
• GigaSpaces provide full database caching using Distributed caching mode that provide local embedded cache (limited with its size - evicts old data automatically) together with master cache that can be clustered across different machines to provide unlimited cache size. The master cache synchronizes/updates the local cache when needed.
• Updates are propagated to other clients holds local cache using optimistic locking protocol to ensure data coherency.
• GigaSpaces master cache can be configured to provide both scalability and availability using GigaSpaces cluster HAU (High-Availability-Unit) option.
• GigaSpaces database caching option is relevant for applications require accessing database with complex SQL queries using Object interface that could benefit from caching the results in object format to save the database access and the SQL row data into object conversion.

Running example of the GigaSpaces Database Caching can be found at:

In order to install it extract the above file it into <GigaSpaces 3.2.1 Root>/examples directory and follow the instructions at the readme file.

All source and build files provided. Make sure you have ant as part of your PATH. You can get it from :

For full info see:

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