JSR168-Portal Liferay on Websphere for German bank


Industry news: JSR168-Portal Liferay on Websphere for German bank

  1. The second largest savings bank in Germany (http://www.sk-koeln.de/ueber_uns/international) has decided to migrate all web development to the JSR168 standard.

    For this purpose several Portal server, including all the expensive big ones, where examined, but in the end the development department has choosen liferay (www.liferay.com) because of it's J2EE compatibility, costs and complexity reasons.

    This decision will save the Stadtsparkasse Koeln a higher six digit number of euros - even in the beginning.

    Department Manager
    Software Development
    Stadtsparkasse Koeln
  2. LifeRay and Websphere[ Go to top ]

    Did not think liferay worked on websphere - from their web site

    Deploy on J2EE servers running in multiple Java enabled operating systems. JBoss+Jetty/Tomcat, JRun, Oracle9iAS, Orion, Pramati, RexIP, Sun ONE, and WebLogic are currently supported on Windows and a variety of UNIX flavors (Linux, BSD, Solaris).