Dr Heinz Kabutz from Maximum Solutions (South Africa) publishes an elite Java newsletter that explores advanced topics in Java. The newsletter, produced in South Africa, was started in 2000, and now totals 89 issues, ranging from performance tuning to getting the most out of Java. With the recent addition of Botswana, this newsletter now goes to 100 countries around the world.

"We have a low unsubscription rate," says Heinz, "because this newsletter goes to the heart of the Java developer. I have found most Java information to be rather boring and that is why I try to bring a bit of personal information into the articles, so that you get the feeling that a real person is sitting at the other side. Most software developers have a great sense of humour, so combining an advanced Java newsletter with a bit of humour makes it fun to read."

The readers had this to say:

"Finally, a publication about real Java problems, not just another rehashing of Sun's documentation! This newsletter is about what Java actually does, not what it's supposed to do. Knowing the difference is what makes a Java specialist." Jeremy Stein, elementK

"A hugely valuable resource for the Java community" Jack Shirazi, Java Performance Expert, http://www.javaperformancetuning.com

"The Java Specialists' Newsletter is the only Java circular that I have found useful enough to subscribe to and read on a regular basis." Cornel Masson, Senior Software Engineer, Shazam Entertainment, London

To benefit from The Java(tm) Specialists' Newsletter on a regular basis, please send an email to subscribe at javaspecialists dot co.za