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    Hi, i hope this wasn't covered before, i used the search function and found nothing.

    I am learning to work with struts, after i click on submit button (in a form) i get a blank page

    struts-config.xml :

        <!-- Form Bean Definitions -->
            <form-bean name="eTrackingForm" type="eTrackingForm"/>
        <!-- Action Mapping Definitions -->
            <action path="/setupeTrackingForm" forward="/eTrackingForm.jsp"/>

               <action path="/inserteTracking"


        <!-- message resources -->
            null="false" />

    Is something wrong there? if you need more files please tell me, i do not know what more to do, i check everything many times...

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  2. I've seen this sadly enough.[ Go to top ]

    I've noticed that if you forward in your Action class to "nowhere" then it will truely take you to nowhere without throwing an error, so I would suggest double checking that the mapping you are trying to go to is "success" not succes" or something like that.
  3. spelling fine[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for the answer Kris, i re-checked what you said, and the spelling is fine. :(

  4. more files ?[ Go to top ]

    i just wonna be sure....
    you did write an action at the declared source path that returned a forward to success, did you ?
  5. Action[ Go to top ]


    public final class inserteTrackingAction extends Action {

    public ActionForward Execute(ActionMapping actionmapping, ActionForm actionform, HttpServletRequest httpservletrequest, HttpServletResponse httpservletresponse) throws Exception
    eTrackingService etrackingservice = new eTrackingService();

    eTrackingForm etrackingform = (eTrackingForm)actionform;
    eTrackingDTO etrackingdto = new eTrackingDTO();

    return actionmapping.findForward("success");


  6. Anyone ?[ Go to top ]

    Anyone ?

  7. execute VS. Execute[ Go to top ]

    It looks like the signature of your execute method is Execute(...) with a capital "E". Could it be that your execute method is not being invoked because of this?
  8. thanks![ Go to top ]

    it was that!! i lost hours trying to figure it out!!!!