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    I am currently tasked to look at memory profiling/load testing tools. From looking a forums it seems that JProbe and optimizeIt are the two most popular as far as memory/bottleneck monitoring tools. I'm sure many of you guys have looked at these products. What pros and cons are there with these products or is there a better open source route.


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  2. Take a look at JView 2004 is a very low-overhead J2EE Production Performance Monitor and profiler, allowing for deep-level diagnostics to identify and resovle performance issues (no memory profiling though). Good luck!
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    I have used Jprobe's Profiler and Memory Debugger. Both are excellent tools which help identify inefficient methods, and memory leaks. Quest has started providing a "freeware" version of Profiler. Both tools require high-end machines and must be properly configured to be effective. Also, user training is a must. You can also use Jinsight (from IBM) which is free. I liked its graphical call tree representation better than Jprobe which tends to become hard to follow for complex enterprise applications. Good Luck. Kamyar
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    We switched from OptimizeIT to JProbe some time ago for the following reasons:
    - OptimizeIT was not as stable enough for big applications, occasional errors occured
    - JProbe CPU profiler is easier to navigate

    Disadvantages of JProbe:
    - more complex to setup
    - more expensive

    Of course there are tons of other tools free to expensive, that could be used.

    Kind regards,

    Andreas Berg, Triona
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    Check out for a list of performance related tools including my own open source JAMon at
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    YourKit Java Profiler ( is very good.