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    I always wondered what the real good scalable approach to share EJBs in enterprise servers. ie. if there are more than one web clients possible to an EJB component...what the best practice for packaging..i dont thin .ear provides good interfaces for sharing between to in that case whats the alternative..where to place the EJBs and who will have the remote and home interfaces and whats the mode of communication it thru the interfaces or thru say some kind of servlet and corr. http request response?

    ---pls read again if u dont get my Q in one glance...its an important issue...

  2. nice question[ Go to top ]

    Its a good question ...

     but let me know why u think "that it is impossible" because.... i can answer u this questions at different levels ..

     secondly ... U can write a delegate and can access multiple web clients

      krishna kishore
  3. What i mean to whats one good way of sharing between J2EE
    "applications"(ie inside .ears) . Say I use a session facade in ear1 that needs
    to use EJBs installed thru other .ears...what would thid require?...can the presence of home and remote interfaces alone with ear1...suffice. would this model be a good abt if the applications now are seperated from
    the same server...and deployed in other servers?
    Also what does clustering have to do with sharing?

    wuffffffffff! thats a mouthful ;)