I have a web application on jboss3.2.3,it works fine.only thing is I have to keep all of jsp file in the war directory.when we give to client,they will see the source code.is there any way only give them the compiled class file,instead give all of jsps and class files
I tryed this:
made a jsp file put under default\deploy\myweb.war\myjsp.jsp
call this jsp from browser,this jsp compiled and generated class is default\work\MainEngine\localhost\myjsp_jsp.class

delete default\deploy\myweb.war\myjsp.jsp and put myjsp_jsp.class under default\deploy\myweb.war\,use jar create a myweb.war.
delete myweb.war folder and put myweb.war file under deploy,the myweb.war file is contain myjsp_jsp.class,but when I call this jsp from browser myjsp.jsp it doesn't work.
where am I wrong?