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    Hi all,

    I'm starting to learn about EJB. I've also read some discussions on application servers, about which one is the best choice.

    When I downloaded J2EE, it says that this application server can be used in production "free of charge". Some say it's just a reference for other vendors.

    My question is: is Sun's application server just for learning and testing our programming skills, or it can be used to do something that can go live?

    If anyone knows some place I can go to read more about..

    Thanks in advance,


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    According to Sun's web site ( it can be used for production.
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    yes, technically it is free for production use also.
    The only thing is that the version we are using for development purposes has some of the features of the enterprise edition disabled.
    1.Remote administration
    2.Multiple Server Instances. etc.

    Also, since they give it out for free, you cannot expect any support from them, and they will not commit to fix any bugs that are bugging you. That can be a critical aspect when you have a "mission critical" system running.So u must consider all this when you select a application server for production.

    As for your current requirement, i think since you are anyways just learning, i think you can go ahead and use it.
    Have fun!!
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    Thank you for the help!