Objectmatter Inc (makers of VBSF) are they still around?


Industry news: Objectmatter Inc (makers of VBSF) are they still around?

  1. Have been unable to contact ObjectMatter Inc. (http://www.objectmatter.com). They are the makers of VBSF (an Object-Relational tool). Does anyone know if they are
    still in business>?

  2. It does seem they are not around anymore...
    There phones are not in order and site
    For eg look at http://www.motionpoint.com/corporate/about_management_enrique.asp

    Previously Mr. Travieso served as co-founder and Chief Architect for
    Objectmatter, Inc., where he led a team that designed and developed ...
    Now he is Chief Technology Officer for motionpoint...
  3. As a Objectmatter customer I got this information from them 26. March 2004:

    "It is with great sadness that I inform you
    that Objectmatter will be shutting its doors within the next few weeks.
    Unfortunately, sales of VBSF have substantially declined and we can no
    longer maintain the company operational. Once we we close, we will no longer
    be able to provide support for VBSF.

    If you are interested in acquiring the source code ... fax us at 419-844-1548."

    We acquired the source code to all v3.x :-)

    Best regards