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    Hi all,
    I'm confronted with an extrange situation. In our project, we have to do some data reconciliation from several datasources in our J2EE server. Our client has recently asked us to integrate with some old system of them and is asking for a SQL interface with stored procedures to request the conciliated data.
    To comply with their requirements I'm thinking of making a kind of SQL 'proxy' process to process the store procedure request, call our existing EJB Business Façade to collect the data and send back the consolidated data.
    It can be that hard, as SP's have a fixed format and we'll just parse the parameters.

    BUT... the point is, where can I start looking for a SQL server-side java implementation? All searches I do retrieve -of course- the classical JDBC client direction
    -kind regards,

  2. There are a number of servers that let you write Stored Procedures in Java. For example, recent versions of DB2 and Oracle support this.

    I have no idea how functional the Database's JVM is. A google search brought up this link:


    Maybe something in there will help.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I know my question is not a 'common' one and maybe I didn't make completely clear the point I'm looking at...

    The customer wants to access our J2EE server using Stored Procedures (not usual RMI or WS or XML or whatever) so I'm looking for a way to present a SQL front end on my J2EE server. We work with WLS, and I don't think we'd move towards Oracle just for this client request. That means that we need some kind of SQL gateway to convert the incoming PL/SQL request into a RMI Call to our J2EE server and give back the results.
    It's not easy to find SQL on the server side information, like which protocol is used (on top of TCP), is it visible to implement a Gateway? Are there examples, opensource projects, etc... on how to implement a SQL server ? From there we can go further into the definition of a gateway.
    Not easy... I know :-)