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    hi All

    During our process of uploading the new files on to the Server CVS repository, by mistake we checked-in and committed ALL the latest modified files instead of just the required files.  The commands we executed are as under:
    1.      Navigate to /home/pinkesh/regac
    2.      cvs –nq update
    3.      cvs commit –m 'checkin from annet'

    command number 3 was erroneous typed cvs commit –m 'checkin from annet' instead of cvs commit –m 'checkin from annet' <required filename> due to a "human error" (by mistake we hit ctrl+enter while trying to copy a filename, instead of ctrl+insert).

    This command therefore committed ALL the files which had been modified rather than just the required ones. 

    We are in search of finding the solution to rollback all the committed files due to the 'checkin from annet' erroneous comand. 
    Please advise if you have any guidance on the above.

  2. CVS (and other source code control systems) generally don't allow to "uncommit" changes. The whole point of source code control is that every change you ever make is recorded permanently.

    The only way to permanently fix things is to go into the repository and delete files from the repository's file system.

    If you don't have access to the machine hosting CVS, you may be able to achieve the same thing by checking out an earlier version of your project, and then checking it in against the current HEAD of your project. You may also need to issue "delete" commands for all the files that should not be there at all.