WADI - Web Application Distributed Infrastructure.


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: WADI - Web Application Distributed Infrastructure.

  1. Julian Gosnell has made the first release of WADI (Web Application Distribution Infrastructure). It is intended to be the new clustering layer for Jetty 5 and Geronimo.

    I've blogged a few thoughts about my initial impressions of it's approach to session clustering. In a nutshell it is about
    providing a right-scaled solution to the many different reasons that a cluster is used. It initial focus is load
    balancing and session migration that can be used in a
    simple cluster. Unlike most other distributed session mechanism, a simple deployment of WADI has a max throughput
    that increases with cluster size (as one would want).
  2. Does anyone know what the current status of WADI is? Crtl-c resilience is suitable for our applications, tho kill -9 would be very welcome. Would you recommend it's use for the former functionality?