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    Are there any book or good sources of information that explains Enterprise java, goals, development and deployment to Managers and Marketing type people?

    I work for a company where people (and especially managers and "big-wigs" ) have tens of years of experience with our old C and quasi-C++ based products. Now the big splash into J2EE is being made and figures and diagrams are flying left and right made by people who doesn't fully understand what they are working with.
    Words like Weblogic, and J2EE, applications and container are thrown around by people not knowing what they do or how they work. Quite funny, unless you're one of the engineers that's left with the mess of realizing peoples drawings while still actually staying sane.
    I only speak "engineering-speak", so words have little effect(glazed eyes and weak nodding).
    But if there is material available that explains Enterprise java in
    not too technical terms it might help.

    Or am I just another engineer destiny will leave with no hair left?

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