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    Our application decides to use PL/SQL stored procedure for data interaction. Does that mean it's no point using Entity Beans in the app. at all? How about Session Beans? Thanks.
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    Some application servers support stored procedures in an EJB (even as CMP) but since EJB's aren't really designed for this, you will probably not gain that much from it (has someone tested this?).
    Probably it is a good idea to have your stored procedures in a data access object(DAO) and have the return values of the stored procedures in a javabean. Above this you could place a session bean acting as session facade and making the bridge between you business logic and the data retrieved from the stored procedure. In a previous project with stored procedures, we handled it like this.
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    Thanks for the reply. Could you elaborate a little bit on
    "having return values of the stored procedures in a javabean"?
  4. As mentioned in the earlier reply you can very well use a DAO to fire your store procedures using simple JDBC.The returned values can be collected in an Array or a Collection.Then you can put a layer of simple stateless session beans which call that methos of DAo and returns the Array or the collection to the client.Doing so you are getting the fexibility of using simple JDBC calls plus the remoteness of EJBs.....

    Sabyasachi Chowdhury