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    Hi, We have to make an important decision, we have to decide between buy JBuilderX ($3500) and JDeveloper ($995).

    Can you give me your opinion about that!

    Regards Daniel

    In Spanish:

    Hola, en la empresa en que trabajo tenemos que tomar una importante decisión, tenemos que decidir que IDE utilizar para el desarrollo, we have two options JBuilderX ($3500) and JDeveloper ($995).

    Me pueden decir sus opiniones

    Gracias, Daniel

    Regards Daniel
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    Buy the JBuilder Enterprise version and the buy Software Assurance with it. If you keep your Software Assurance license current (at about US$700/year) it works out to getting upgrade version of Jbuilder Enterprise for about US$350 a copy.

    JBuilder Enterprise is a general-purpose J2EE development tool. It works with all of the most popular J2EE server (JBoss, Weblogic) and Web-teir (Struts, JSF) technologies on the market.

    JDeveloper is really geared specifically toward Oracle J2EE tools users. It's a good tool, but I think JBuilder is better maintained and more regularly updated.
  3. The major thing that JDeveloper has and JBuilder doesn't is the ADF Framework.
    It's an end-to-end J2EE framework that will let you build MVC based applications with much less coding than JBuilder. IT uses Struts as the Controller and you can use EJBs, Javabeans, TopLink, or Web services to access the data source.
    Look at the JDeveloper online demos of visual JSP editing and drag and drop databinding.

    And it will work on any J2EE compliant server. (it has wizards to let you deploy to JBoss, Weblogic, and Tomcat in addition to Oracle Application Server).
    If you use the Oracle Database it has some cool PL/SQL development features as well as database modeling.

    Check it out at:

    Or you can let borland get your money and charge you each time they get a new version out....
  4. Hopefully your evaluation period gives you the time to really try out both products on a real-world application to understand which will better fit your needs.

    To save time on evaluating JDeveloper 10g, you can check out our ADF Toy Store Demo and the extensive technical whitepaper that accompanies it to step you through the interesting implementation details of the demo inside of the JDeveloper 10g IDE environment.

    I'm sure Borland must have a similar kind of demo that you could use to familiarize yourself with their capabilities and the effort required to do the common tasks you'll need to do so often while building J2EE applications.
    Take them both for a test drive and see which one fits better for your needs, would be my advice.