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    I am using stuts 1.1 and a filter that traps all requests of type *.jsp. So basically i want to stop any access to *.jsp from the client. However, when i use struts and do a
    forward internally from the action class to a .jsp, this filter is getting invoked...which i thought shudnt happen!
    so what is the workaround? is there a way to check that the request is a forwarded request and not from client?

    Some one told me that servlet 2.3 does not clarify what requests to filter...which is fixed in 2.4. So this being the case is there a workaround...can i check in my filter whether this request is from the client or internal forward?
  2. REDIRECT = FALSE[ Go to top ]

    Did you make sure you have redirect=false in your struts-config.xml?

    I acomplish what you are trying to do by placing the JSP's inside the WEB-INF directory.