A big week for the JCP: JDO 2, JAXB 2, JAXRPC 2, and more


News: A big week for the JCP: JDO 2, JAXB 2, JAXRPC 2, and more

  1. It has certainly been a busy week for the JCP. Early drafts are out for JDO, JAXB, and JAXRPC. Make sure you check them out and give feedback to the groups before close. Other JSRs have been busy too, including the Scripting Pages in Java Web Applications.

    Ted Neward has a short round-up in: Been a busy week for the JCP...

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  2. Hi Ted

    It has indeed been a busy week. I think all of the spec leads for these JSRs have probably been planning their work to achieve spec publications immediately prior to JavaOne. I know that in JDO Expert Group we set ourselves that specific milestone.

    The JCP is making download statistics available to me for the JDO 2.0 Early Draft, and the figures are extremely encouraging. In addition to the high numbers of downloads so far, we are already receiving constructive feedback to jsr-243-comments at jcp dot org. The community (the C in JCP) is evidently taking a substantial interest in JDO 2.0.

    Kind regards, Robin.
  3. The review period for the JDO 2.0 Early Draft specification will now close on 07 August.

    Download the JDO 2.0 Early Draft Specification.

    Visit the JSR-243 Home Page.
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    I am not so sure that this is exceedingly clever. On the other hand one might be thinking it is a great idea to have at least some deadline available. Anyway, I remember all to well the JCP leads and Sun Execs telling us about how jdk1.5 etc. only being a number of months away - the poor souls that believed that they would have detached rowsets, templates and annotations by q4 2003 must feel pretty much screwed by now. Yet another reason for a lot of guys to convert to .net - not only may it be more productive - at least they are not as fiercely pretending not to be lieing to you :-)
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    So am I right that you want to tell us that we should rather play golf than read all those JCP specifications? Or is it the other way around and you urge us to read certain important documents in time because otherwise the world is taken over by madmen? :-)
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    Need I say more? Also you idiot, this is a tech forum, not a spam session.
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    Sun's JSF seems to be using SQL (and not JDOQL or EQL or even HQL).

    Anyway, there are many things you can do w/ ANSI SQL that are documented in SQL books (SQL for Smarties by Celko for example) that have to be done in SQL.

    Most people use a SQL DB and present it that way. JDBC is not a good DAO implementation, so one day it be nice if JCP would have a alternative to ORM and something that is designed for SQL DB.