ULC Visual Editor 2.0 for Eclipse released


Industry news: ULC Visual Editor 2.0 for Eclipse released

  1. Canoo Engineering has announced the release of ULC Visual Editor 2.0 for Eclipse (http://www.canoo.com/ulc/products/ulcvisualeditor.html). The Visual Editor is a "drag-and-drop" GUI designer plug-in for UltraLightClient. It supports developing rich thin GUIs for J2EE applications, providing developers with real-time feedback during interface design.

    Following its decision in November 2003 to participate in the Eclipse Visual Editor project, the Swiss company decided to port ULC Visual Editor to the new Eclipse visual GUI construction and editor platform. Canoo's GUI designer is the first software tool that is based on the Eclipse Visual Editor project.

    About UltraLightClient
    UltraLightClient (ULC) is a Java library that provides thin client support for Swing, the standard component library for rich Java clients. Using this library, server-side J2EE applications offer rich Swing-based graphical user interfaces in a thin-client architecture.

    ULC shields the developer from the complexities of client/server code distribution by taking care of the code split. The application is deployed on the server, while an application-independent presentation engine handles the user interface on the client. The presentation engine can be run as an applet or distributed by JNLP.

    Based on open standards, ULC easily integrates with any J2EE software. It provides developers with a homogeneous Java environment and speeds up both development and deployment of client/server applications.

    Software Requirements
    ULC Visual Editor 2.0 requires the following software:
    - Eclipse 2.1.2 or Eclipse 2.1.3
    - Eclipse Visual Editor 0.5.0
    - UltraLightClient 5.1.3 or higher
    - JRE 1.3.1 and higher

    ULC Visual Editor 2.0 costs US$ 499.- per developer license and can be purchased directly from the product web site. A free evaluation license is available for 30 days.

    For more information on ULC, visit the product site at http://www.canoo.com/ulc.
  2. ULC Visual Editor is now available for Eclipse 3.0.

    New features include:
    - Visual Class wizard to easily create reusable user interface components
    - support of events on ULC widgets
    - direct editing of text and title properties

    For product details see: