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    Do you know if there is a equivalent to EJB (Java) in the set of Microsoft Solutions. Does the .Net platform is also an answer to this ( .Net Enterprise Server ? ) ?

    Or do you know if Microsoft has another phylosohpy or technologies to address the same problems as the EJB ?

    Do you know someone that is able to answer to this question !!!

    Thanks a lot


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    Microsoft has COM and COM+ as an equivalent for ejb.

    But .NET is a platform where services can be created and accessed in the world wide web. The services are software services which can be bought an used. For ex. if i've written a shopping cart service, that can be reused by customers needing a shopping cart.

    .NET, as they say, supports development with multiple languages to develop a single service.

    .NET is a web-based service which can be used by endusers themselves, whereas ejb can be used by developers.
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    MSFT's previous version of distributed object framework, i.e., MTS, lacks the equivalents of stateful session and entity beans. My understanding is that in .NET they will add those.
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    I would be suprised if they added Stateful or entity components. Most MS distributed programmers are religiously opposed to such concepts. :)

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    Microsoft Transaction Server is more or less pitched against EJB but it lack persistence.

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    This thread : http://theserverside.com/discussion/thread.jsp?thread_id=4306 might also be of interest in the -

    J2EE vs M$ .NET debate...