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    I have a table called city contains 10000 records.The records will be updated once in 3 months so I have cached the entire table in memeory for better performance. This is mapped to an object of type City. I am iterating through the resultset and creating a new City object for all 10,000 records, putting them into HashMap with key as cityId and value as the City object. Then based on the cityId supplied by the client , I have to find in the HashMap the corresponding object and have to return it.Likewise I am doing for other tables also. I am using Weblogic server and not using EJB's. Is there any other way of handling this ,since I have to create 60,000 to 70,000 in-memeory objects. Does it affects the preformance or is there any better way of handling this.

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    IMHO you shopuld use a proved caching solution that offers cache disk backup, expiration and maybe replication in a distributed environment.
    Best regards, Mircea
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    Thanks, let us see if we get any other answers.
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    What's the query rate for that data? 10000 records does not seem like too much.