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    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum and hope i will get some new idea and thought from theserverside.
    I am developing a BMP Entity Bean through the weblogic8.1, All the class has compiled successfully but i am getting error while run the weblogic.ejbc

    >>> jar cvf inventory.jar *.class META-INF
    added manifest
    adding: Inventory.class(in = 278) (out= 201)(deflated 27%)
    adding: InventoryBeanBMP.class(in = 5013) (out= 2373)(deflated 52%)
    adding: InventoryHome.class(in = 429) (out= 262)(deflated 38%)
    adding: NoSuchItemException.class(in = 312) (out= 228)(deflated 26%)
    adding: Pricer.class(in = 365) (out= 244)(deflated 33%)
    adding: PricerBean.class(in = 3104) (out= 1540)(deflated 50%)
    adding: PricerClient.class(in = 1776) (out= 922)(deflated 48%)
    adding: PricerHome.class(in = 260) (out= 185)(deflated 28%)
    ignoring entry META-INF/
    adding: META-INF/CVS/(in = 0) (out= 0)(stored 0%)
    adding: META-INF/ejb-jar.xml(in = 1170) (out= 456)(deflated 61%)
    adding: META-INF/weblogic-ejb-jar.xml(in = 823) (out= 328)(deflated 60%)

    java weblogic.ejbc inventory.jar out.jar

    ERROR: Error from ejbc: Unable to load a class specified in your ejb-jar.xml: demo.BMP.PricerBean
    ERROR: ejbc couldn't invoke compiler

    Here PricerBean is a Stateless session bean, and from this i am calling another Entity Bean (Inventory).

    Could some one help me out from this problem. It is very urgent. Thanx for your best response.

  2. Pls pls pls .....................some clue would be appreciated
    Thanx & Regards
  3. I have written answer for you in SUN forums !

    please assign me DUKE MONEY :-)

    best regards,
    Maris Orbidans
  4. Problem might be
      1) with descriptor files. If this is the case, use EJBGen tool for generating deployment descriptor files. After that make it jar file and run ejbc tool.

      2) You mihgt be missed corresponding class files in classpath. Make sure that all classes should available in classpath.
  5. Hi maris,
    Thanx for your warm response, I had already checked the jar file and it contains the specific class PricerBean with package name demo/BMP.I replaced the BMP folder to lower name i.e. bmp, but I am getting the same error. Any other clue would be appreciated or should I have to forward the dummy code.

    Hi Venkata,
    I have checked my classpath and it is well should i have to use the tool to gernate the jar file or there are something else which i am missing.
    Looking for urs favorable response.

    Regards & Thanx