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EJB design: About the basics of the OOP

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    We should treat the system as objects according to the rule OOP.
    But there are entity objects , controller objects .
    why there are controller object ?
    For example ,
    public class User{
        private String name;

    We can put the add method in the User class, However few of the designers do it this way.

    Will be so kind show your opinion?
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    User object should NOT have an add() method. This is why...

    For example, I am going to bake a cake. To bake the cake I will need all of the cake ingredients (flour, water, eggs, sugar, chocolate, etc) I, the baker, will use an oven to bake the cake.

    Should a cake know how to bake itself? cake.bake() Or, should the baker know how to bake the cake? baker.bake(cake);

    It is better to treat the cake as a data container and to use a system object, baker to process the cake.

    In your example, I would have a controller add any new users,

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    Controller object demonstrate a weak aggregation,but entity object has a strong aggregation in them.

    A entity object is always a whole,Controler object integrate the entity object.

    All entity object doesn't have to know other entity object. but a controller has to know the entity object on which it will act.:-)).

    Thats the strong reason i think to seperate them.