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    I'm looking for a usefull portlet framework for building intranet with security layers and sort of.
    I 've given a glance to jetspeed but actually i do not know how can it helps me.
    Any news
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    Not sure what you are really looking for. Do you want a framework for building applications and therefore a series of portlets or do you want a framework so that you portlets can be moved between portal implementations? There are two specifications in the portal space at the moment. The first JSR168 has come out of the Java Community and then there is WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets). JSR168 defines how portlets are built and used within a portal container while WSRP defines how to access and include portlets that are running on an external portal server eg not in the portal server that is providing the user interface to the client browser.

    The biggest problem that you have is that there is no definitive standard available on how portals should be implemented so that there are major differences between each of the implementation. Jetspeed is the only free portal type implementation that I know of. Others include BEA WebLogic Portal, IBM WebSphere Portal, Microsoft Sharepoint Portal, Hummingbird EIP, Yahoo Portal, Plumtree Portal, and I am know there are others but these are the major ones. None use a standard security layer although many of the java ones are built ontop of a J2EE server and therefore use the underlying security available in the J2EE server. Your other option is to use an external security service like RSA Cleartrust but these normally hook in at the Java Security Services layer anyway.

    For a quick review of the major portal providers I would recommend the IBM WebSphere Portal as it provides a very good portal framework and is supporting the JSR168 and WSRP specifications. BEA WebLogic is improving with the first usefull version in 8.1 (the previous versions was realy broken). Microsofts Sharepoint Portal is based around their office products and comes with many advanced services although is very slow to use and configure and does not support browsers other than Internet Explorer very well.

    I hope that this helps

    Egon Kuster
  3. Looking for an comparison matrix of J2ee and Microsoft portal with some standard parameters. Thakns Rajan