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     I am a newbie in the field of testing and in dire need of help on a problem. I have written two versions of the same web service, one in .NET and the other in J2EE. I would like to compare the performance of both the web services. How do I go about that. Is there some common tool that can test the performance of both the services.

    Could some one please tell me how to go about this.

    Vishwak Rajgopalan
  2. are your services for internal consumption or are you exposing it outside of your enterprise for your business partners?

    there are couple of things you can do.

    1. use traditional testing tools and techniques that you use - write some test clients, etc.

    2. also, do web servh on "web services testing" on "web services diagnostics" and you will find many links that you can follow.
  3. Hi,

    I've done some performance testing of web services and found JMeter to work nicely. You'll need 2 JMeter project files for your 2 web services. The Jmeter projects should be exactly the same (# of clients, sleep time, # of iterations, etc..) except for the endpoints. Make sure you assert the results to make sure you are getting the correct response. You can run the tests interactively with JMeter and get some nice graphs. Or I'd also encourage you to make an ant target as it makes a very repeatable mechanism to run the tests again and again and get very nice HTML reports.