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    This is a second time post...i describe the problem more elaborately:

    There is a problem with using proxies in our web application.
    The app works fine without deploying to the production server that uses a proxy.

    What this means is as follows:

    Normal request to login page without fine:

    When request is thru proxy, the initial or first request is made as:

    This does give the login page ...but the form tag in the login page is:
    <form action="/" method="POST">

    Now when this form is submitted..the request goes to instead of

    Do u see the problem in this now? what shud i do either in the form element
    or the action mapping that would detect this proxy URL and send the request to

    thanks a lot!
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    Just in case you stopped looking at the first thread:

    In your JSP why don't you try to use the <html:base /> tag? That way the form will look for / in the same folder that is currently in the URI.

    html:base documentation:

    Give it a try, tell me how it goes.