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    I am new to workflow. I am confused with the tools involved with workflow.
    I have heard terms like workflow engine, workflow monitor, workflow clients.

    My understanding is that workflow monitor monitors the workflow
    engine? Is Sonic MQ or MQ Series are workflow monitors?

    Workflow engine is to tell the system what's the next activity
    to execute? and workflow client is to define the flow by drawing the
    flow charts.

    Please comments.

    If anyone knows some good resources/tools resources, please advise more.

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    Terminologies differ slightly from product to product... what you are referring to as a Client is referred as Process Definer in some products. What you are referring as monitor is the Workflow Management System for some products. If you believe in standards, here is a link to the glossary of Workflow Management Coalition:

    Regarding resources/tools etc, it is a very broad question considering that there are tons of workflow/BPM systems in market today each having their own USPs. If you can elaborate on your needs, it will be good.

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    Hi All,
    I have been assigned a use case for work flow. I would appriciate if some one can comment on what will be work involved in doing workflow of the use case ?/