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    Hello All, can anyone help me in creating a JSP page with
    Page Tabs in it. Clicking the Tab should display diff
    content but between the pages we have to keep passing
    variables. Would be a great help if someone could
    help me how to proceed or guide me to a website
    where I can find related stuff. I have to create page
    tabs like in

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Sam,

    maybe you should take a look at Tiles ( The examples are not available online so you have to download the latest release, deploy it to you Tomcat and walk through the examples. There you'll find a "tab"-section that might help you.

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    Hey thanks very much for the reply. We are not using Struts and Tiles. So
    could you help me and tell me how we can do this in normal Jsps.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Why don't you try to make an illusion of tabs? Five different tabs = five different JSP's with a different tab menu image. Just store the entered variables in session. I don't think Amazon uses any special framework for their tabs. It's just images & hyperlinks.