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     i had aproblem in deploying container managed entity bean persistance.when i'm deploying jar file in container using deployer tool,when i check for compliance(using tools menu) i'm getting an error"[9.2.8] in EJB bean you have to define findByPrimaryKey()method"in home interface.actually i've declared it properly.backend i'm using cloudscape.when i start the server i'm getting exception"JDBC Driver is not registered with JDBC DriverManager".so server is not deploying jar file.so how to register JDBC Driver?(i have given driver name,url correctly in weblogic.properties file)

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    Check to make sure that cloudscape.jar is in your server's classpath. What is the exact for the JDBC connection pool in your weblogic.properties file?

    The compliance checker does not interact with the database,
    so if it thinks you have a problem with your findByPrimaryKey() method, you might still have a problem.

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