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    Hi all,

    I am working on a web application and using JBuilder X as IDE and Weblogic Server 7.0 as the application server. The problem I am facing is this:

    When I compile and run the application from JBuilder, it works fine within the JBuilder environment but when i open a seperate browser window (IE or Netscape), it creates a new session for each request. My other team mates are using the same environment and their application seems to work fine either way.

    I reinstalled both JBuilder and Weblogic Server but it didn't help.

    Any help would be appreciated in this regard.

  2. Check two things:

    (1) Check how Weblogic is doing session tracking. Make sure the browser will be able to use this method.

    (2) For example, if Weblogic is using cookies, make sure your Web browser has cookies enabled.

    If it is set to use cookies, try URL rewriting or a combination of the two.