Free Java Batch and Tomcat Integration for z/OS and OS/390


News: Free Java Batch and Tomcat Integration for z/OS and OS/390

  1. JZOS - "Java for z/OS" is a set of free tools designed to make Java easier to use on the mainframe.

    Run Java applications on z/OS or OS/390 as normal MVS batch jobs (without BPXBATCH) -
        * Simple yet flexible way to configure and invoke Java from a batch job step.
        * Access to datasets via JCL DD statements.
        * Output can be sent directly to JES SYSOUT datasets.
        * Condition code passing between Java and non-Java job steps.
        * Powerful new interface to traditional MVS datasets and system console.

    Using the JZOS Batch Launcher, running the Apache Tomcat servlet / JSP container is a snap.
    You can install and configure Tomcat on your mainframe in under an hour.

    The JZOS toolkit is available free of charge and licensed under the Apache license.

    For more information, see

    How many of you are running Java on z/OS?
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    The past week has seen a couple of OS/2 inquiries for Tomcat. Interesting.
  3. I'm using it at one of my clients ( A large multi-national bank ).

    Of course, they're using WebSphere for z/OS.

    I doubt very much they would use the Tomcat part, but they might find the batch tools useful.