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    JudoScript is a functional scripting language that is both general purpose, but with strengths in areas such as JDBC. These articles delve into JudoScript via example, with part two giving a case study of a J2EE application. Of course, other languages such as Groovy have interesting database support.

    JudoScript is a rich functional scripting language, and an easy and powerful general programming and Java scripting language. In Part 1 of this series, I detailed JudoScript's JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) scripting support. JudoScript's power comes from its synergy of functional features such as JDBC scripting, and the strength of programming and Java scripting. It is ideal for modern data processing and other practical uses. JudoScript is designed for all IT professionals and computer programmers, not just Java developers.
    In Part 2, I concisely introduce JudoScript's programming and Java scripting features, which are all used in a real-world J2EE case study that involves SQL, XML, Enterprise JavaBeans, email, and Web services abstracted as a Java API. The resultant program is short, obvious, and rich in functionality. In the end, I use various criteria to compare JudoScript to other languages.
    JDBC scripting, Part 1

    JDBC scripting, Part 2
  2. is this really a good idea ?[ Go to top ]

    we talk about going to serverside standards and now we are discussing calling jdbc etc using javascript or other scripting laungage ? whats this design ? isnt that the model where microsoft ASP started with and then moved back to . NET. would this be copeting with PHP ? do we need more of this scripting stuff ? is there any medium to large size company who would want to have coding doen using this scripting technology ... can we talk about truth and not crap marketing
  3. I suspect that target for this language is automating tasks that would in Java turn into small applications. You do use shell scripts and do not start to write C code to move file from one place to another, don't you.

    About your post. I think that at the end a company is interested in reducing the costs. If scripting on server side reduces the costs signifincantly, company will use it, even it is Basic or even a Logo language.

    Back in 1998-1999 I was developing a framework functionally similar to Struts, however there was a possibility to write actions in JavaScript (we used Rhino). Also we had JavaScript Server Pages ;)

    What I can say... In some places using JavaScript was easier/cheaper than writing some Java code. The only problem we had with JavaScript was the impossibility to use checked exceptions. The bigger JavaScript code is, the more time you need to debug it during runtime. For simple stuff it works perfectly, for more complex it is cheaper to use Java.
  4. What I can say... In some places using JavaScript was easier/cheaper than writing some Java code.
    I've been playing around with Rhino and Groovy lately. I really like having the features of a script language but being to either generate a .class file or reimplement in straight Java if I need to.

    Did you take a similar approach, or did you know up front what you'd use each language for?
  5. I think scripting database code could be used for setting up test environments, since this is an annoying task in a strongly typed language like java is. If I want to setup a test environment, i don't need features like strong types or inheritance, I don't want to think about stuff like protecting access or creating flexible designs: it's just preperation, I want it as fast and as simple as possible, and thats what I get from a scripting environment like this. Create some database tables, fill in some values and after that execute your tests. This is something that is much more efficient in a scripting environment.
  6. is this really a good idea ?[ Go to top ]

    Thanks all for your response. I would look forward using this for some low level stuff
  7. is this really a good idea ?[ Go to top ]

    Thanks all for your response. I would look forward using this for some low level stuff
    It is a very good idea to automate stuff like data import ot to implement "time triggers" using script.
  8. Scripting languages[ Go to top ]

    Everything has it's place. I think it's great that scripting languages are finally becoming part of the forefront in Java. It's great for prototyping durring development and it's really great for extending a product. Instead of writing a class, write a script!